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"Until Philosophers are kings, or kings have the spirit of Philosophy, cities will never have rest from their troubles."

- Plato, Ancient-Greek philosopher

Choosing Social Business

By Samantha Caccamo on 21 October 2012

There is something truly magical about working in a social business start-up. We are currently developing capacity building and strategies to mobilize the private, public and social sectors to become active in social business. The pioneering work we are doing is very challenging as it requires a structured creativity and entrepreneurial skills in tackling different social issues through financially sustainable models.

Social businesses can significantly strengthen international development and to build social businesses we need partnerships. In this day and age each sector plays multiple roles so bringing together the best resources and skills from different sectors to achieve a social objective makes perfect sense.

The uniqueness of Social Business Earth is that currently we are a multicultural and international team made of 10 girls representing six nations. This diversity no doubt adds more character, versatility and dynamism to our work.  The girls are very committed and motivate me every day. Every day when I walk into our office I feel their strong commitment and willingness to make a difference and contribute to the creation of a new and inclusive economic system and a world without poverty.

Working in such a dynamic environment is a blessing and I would never go back to my previous well-paid job and my financial security. I used to feel like a machine that gets up and goes to work every day without a real motivation.  Now I feel happy to work in a team that addresses the needs of the most vulnerable people in our world.

Should you wish to build a social business start-up, get ready to face many unexpected obstacles and work long hours.  In moments of discouragement keep in mind that your passion, mission and fresh energy from “being the change you want to see in the world” as Gandhi wisely stated, will make it all worthwhile.

I am living the dream and loving it! This article is dedicated to the entire SBE team. You are amazing.. Thank you!

Samantha Caccamo is the founder and CEO of Social Business Earth, the first social business in Switzerland created following Prof. Yunus’ principles. The company’s mission is to spread and implement social business in the world.
Samantha is a regular contributor for Diaforlife.
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Read more about SBE on: www.socialbusinessearth.org

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Samantha Caccamo

Founder & CEO Social Business Earth, Social Entrepreneur, Writer

Born in Bologna, Italy, Samantha Caccamo holds a BA in Journalism with a Minor in Asian Studies from Pepperdine University, Los Angeles. She became interested in Grameen’s Microcredit and Social…  Read full bio